White Water Rafting Trip

Dare to take a ride on the nature’s roller-coaster and face the wild water? Its time to get wet and have fun unlimited. Since, 1980s this leisure activity has been attracting adrenaline lovers and till date, various rafting sites has been introduced in the world of adventure.

With taking care of your passion, thrill and excitement; we bring to you some great option for a white-water rafting trip.

Bali Island, located at the westernmost of the Lesser Sunda Islands in Indonesia is the best spot to take a white water rafting Bali trip. The gushing rivers (Ayung, Unda, Ubaya, Balian and Telaga) in the former welcome rafters round the year. Along with experiencing the heart pounding adventure, you will find the chance to explore eco-friendly environment and unique culture of Balinese people. An ultimate fun in Bali starts, when rafters need to navigate through the 27 class II and III rapids and cover an 8 km stretch of river. Get special rate now up to 50% discount https://baliventur.com/tours/white-water-rafting-bali/


Go Malaysia and enjoy a journey down the thundering rapids. The Padas and Kiulu rivers are excellent site to practice water rafting. Internationally certified as Grade 3 and Grade 2, the location falls under normal temperature with consistency in depth and speed. Also, Sungai Sungkai in Perak (Grade 2) and Sungai Selangor(Grade 3) are popular spots, controlled by groups of well-trained rafting operators.


Rafting in India is just more then any recreational activities. States blessed with Himalayan ranges and snow-clad mountain rivers are ultimate destination for white-water rafting adventure. Regions like Ladakh, Garhwal and Rishikesh is a well-known place, where rapids hit Max. 8 to Min.4 on the scale. A rafting trip to Shivpuri- Rishikesh-Devprayag welcome newbies, who knows a bit about the adventure programme. Professional tour operators organizes camps along the 70 km stretch and provides a hilarious sail through the river Ganges.


Thailand is a paradise for white-water river rafters. Not less then 13 rafting destination dot the country.

Churning rides amidst the sets of rapids can be enjoyed in some featured location like, Pai – Mae Hong Son, Nam Wa – Nan, Mae La Mao -Tak, Song Galia – Kanchanaburi, Klong Glide – Nakorn Si Tammarat etc. Rafting tour to Phang Nga takes you along side the mountain rivers, bordered with lush forest and waterfall. Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary, located on the way is a must-visit place.

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