Month: January 2020

Beside the Mighty Mekong


We finally made it through our long flight and there was nothing worse to wear, and were very happy to arrive at Phon Phisai, at Jeremy Holton and his wife Waree’s house on the banks of the Mekong River. When they were not here, they lived in Perth, together with their three sons, the youngest was Cody aged 4. We were training when we saw Alexander again in a few weeks, who were also 4 years old.

Jeremy teaches certain drawing techniques using oil pastels. Thumbnail sketch the scene, select one, transfer to a large piece of paper and color it with a thick layer of oil pastel that starts with a bright color. It should be done quickly without thinking too much and looking for color patches. Covering it with dark ink is rather unpleasant, but then a palette knife is used to scrape the layers of pastel that show the color underneath. Sounds good in theory. I’m a little too literal and it takes a long time to color. So now I am at the eroding stage. Who knows what will happen now? Jeremy is very patient. Fortunately Ian is certainly far ahead of me.

The temperature here is quite different, quite cold in the morning, around 20 degrees, and that day warms up to mid afternoon when around 32. We haven’t even gone out for a walk, because my phone keeps telling me, because we haven’t woken up early enough to come out cold. But there are …