Month: July 2019

White Water Rafting Trip


Dare to take a ride on the nature’s roller-coaster and face the wild water? Its time to get wet and have fun unlimited. Since, 1980s this leisure activity has been attracting adrenaline lovers and till date, various rafting sites has been introduced in the world of adventure.

With taking care of your passion, thrill and excitement; we bring to you some great option for a white-water rafting trip.

Bali Island, located at the westernmost of the Lesser Sunda Islands in Indonesia is the best spot to take a white water rafting Bali trip. The gushing rivers (Ayung, Unda, Ubaya, Balian and Telaga) in the former welcome rafters round the year. Along with experiencing the heart pounding adventure, you will find the chance to explore eco-friendly environment and unique culture of Balinese people. An ultimate fun in Bali starts, when rafters need to navigate through the 27 class II and III rapids and cover an 8 km stretch of river. Get special rate now up to 50% discount


Go Malaysia and enjoy a journey down the thundering rapids. The Padas and Kiulu rivers are excellent site to practice water rafting. Internationally certified as Grade 3 and Grade 2, the location falls under normal temperature with consistency in depth and speed. Also, Sungai Sungkai in Perak (Grade 2) and Sungai Selangor(Grade 3) are popular spots, controlled by groups of well-trained rafting operators.


Rafting in India is just more then any recreational activities. States blessed with Himalayan ranges and snow-clad …

Why Travel Agents & Tour Operators Need To Focus On Authentic Local Experiences To Stay Competitive


The major elements comprising the generic destination competitiveness model helps to identify the key success factors of destination marketing. Among the many approximate set of indicators used to determine destination competitiveness, local experiences is one of the key points. Elaborate empirical as well as conceptual research points out the relative strengths and weaknesses of different tourism destinations, which can then be used to study the impact of local experiences on the travelers and vice versa.

The discerning travelers of today’s world love exploring unique experiences each destination has to offer and go much beyond staying in the top suite of hotels. Choosing the best dining options and spas has otherwise become passe. No online portal can take you to the hidden nuggets of the destination except the native folks. So, to match up with the millennials’ definition of travel, you need to indulge with the locals which is way beyond any packaged holiday or cookie-cutter options.

Blurring the borders of traditional definition of travel
It’s important for Travel Agents to realize that selling travel is actually selling happiness. Imbuing travel goals based on interaction with local people makes travel more meaningful than ever. Authenticity, simplicity, and culture are the new watchwords driving the growth of the travel tourism sector internationally. The evolution of the whole new travel genre is based entirely on indulging in local experiences. It is not about the best luxury experience but the intrinsic local touch will definitely add magic to the holiday memory. Remember that the …